Sentimental Night - 1997.06.02

Title Sentimental Night
Date 1997.06.02
Songs Man and Woman (My Little Lover)
Watashi no Moto he Aini Kite (Nagakura Emiru/Maeda Ai)
Drama none
Cohosts Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
Okada Junko (Ľ)
Konno Hiromi ()

Group A came back (though just for one week this rotation).

Okada Junko said that she was happy to be back, and came to the studio two hours early today.

Konno Hiromi read a letter for the "sentimental mistake" corner. A boy went to a girl's room after a date.. but he found that the girl's room had posters of Antonio Inoki (pro-wrestler) all over.

Machiko [I think] said that she liked SMAP, and Hiromi said that she liked Kinki Kids. [SMAP and Kinki Kids are boy idol groups.]

Machiko and Junko read letters for the "dengon ban" corner. There was a boy who lost his wallet and couldn't go home. But a kind woman gave him 350 yen so he can return.

When asked if Machiko would have given someone 350 yen, she said, "if it was 120 yen.."

Hiromi read a message for the "30 byou no sasayaki" corner. She read it in Yamamoto Rurika's voice.
[It wasn't that cute a voice.. even though her real voice is cute.]

The requested song was Man and Woman by My Little Lover.

Then they played Watashi no Moto he Aini Kite by Nagakura Emiru (Maeda Ai).
[This is a pretty cheerful song.]

There will be a Sentimental Graffiti fan club starting in July. The cost will be 5250 yen (tax included), and there will be many privileges, including events..

[Sentimental Night]

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