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  • Sentimental Night - 1997.06.16

    Oda Michiko (һ)
    Yonemoto Chizu ()
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Saboten no Hana (Zaitsu Kazuo)
    Two Dreams (Matsuoka Chie/Yonemoto Chizu)
    It was group C's turn.

    Oda Michiko said that she lost a lot of money at slot pachinko.. too much to say how much. She wants to go back to get revenge.

    CM: Nagakura Emiru CD (goes on sale 6/21)
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Manami talking
    CM: Morii Kaho CD (goes on sale 6/21)

    Yonemoto Chizu read a letter for the "sentimental mistake" corner. It was about a second year high school boy who made his girl friend angry. They kiss at the end of the date, and he tried a do a more "adult" kiss (stick in his tongue). But the girl got angry and ran away.

    Michiko read a letter for the "dengon ban" corner, and Okamoto Asami read a letter for the "30 byou no sasayaki" corner.

    All three girls said that they liked to play games.

    The requested song was Saboten no Hana by Zaitsu Kazuo.

    Asami went to a girls' school, so there weren't many male teachers, that she can "fall in love" with. When Chizu was learning English, she had a "cool" foreign teacher, so she used to look forward to going to class every week.

    CM: Matsuoka Chie CD (goes on sale 6/21)
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, 12 girls

    They played Two Dreams by Matsuoka Chie (Yonemoto Chizu).

    Chizu said that this was her very first song recording. She wasn't nervous at first, but when she heard her own voice through the headphones, she became nervous. She said that the recording took three hours.

    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Emiru talking
    CM: "Sentimental Love" (on sale now)
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Manami talking

    The present that they were giving away this week was an original message cassette, and the keyword for the present was "Sentimental Night". The cut off date for the postcards is 6/27.

    They got a lot of letters, so this radio show will continue until September. They will start having a radio drama too. Also they will change "classes", so it will be groups of two instead of three.

    [Sentimental Night]

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