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  • Sentimental Night - 1997.06.23

    Maeda Ai (İ)
    Mannaka Yukiko (ͳ)
    Suzuki Urarako ()
    Friends (Rebecca)
    Watashi no Moto ni Ai ni Kite (Nagakura Emiru/Maeda Ai)
    It was class D's turn, and it had been one month since they were on the air.

    Urarako said that she had been sick. It was her throat, but she went to a good doctor so she was ok now.

    Ai said that she was doing things that she could not say.. (^_^;)

    Yukiko said that she fell down the stairs at the train station. She bruised both knees, so she can't wear a skirt right now.

    There was a letter from a listener who found out that his girl friend was a lesbian. Then Yukiko said that girls were cuter..

    CM: Nagakura Emiru CD (goes on sale 6/21)
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Manami talking
    CM: Morii Kaho CD (goes on sale 6/21)

    Ai and Yukiko read letters for the sentimental mistake corner.

    Urarako read a letter for the dengon ban corner.

    Ai read a letter for the 30 byou no sasayaki corner. She read it in Emiru's voice, a very cute voice.

    What does everyone do on rainy days? Ai closes the curtains and shuts herself in her room. Yukiko said that she can try out her new umbrella. Urarako rides a bicycle to the train station so she gets all wet.

    The requested song was Friends by Rebecca. (They played the whole song.)

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    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, 12 girls

    Then they played "Watashi no Moto ni Ai ni Kite" by Nagakura Emiru (Maeda Ai).

    Ai said that she first heard the song when it was broadcast on the radio. She thought that she was awful. During the recording she thought it sounded ok, but when she heard it on the air she didn't like it. But she was happy that she was able to do harmony during the chorus part.

    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Emiru talking
    CM: "Sentimental Love" (on sale now)
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Manami talking

    Next week, there is going to be a special radio show on Hong Kong, so the next broadcast of Sentimental Night is 7/7. They rearranged the classes again. The new pairings are:

    • A - Toyoshima Machiko, Suzuki Urarako
    • B - Suzuki Mariko, Nishiguchi Yuka
    • C - Oda Michiko, Konno Hiromi
    • D - Mannaka Yukiko, Makishima Yuki
    • E - Yonemoto Chizu, Okamoto Asami
    • F - Maeda Ai, Okada Junko
    Ai said, "I'm last again?"

    There will be a drama "Ano Hino Mamano Kimide Ite" starting in the next broadcast, and the first one will be Sugihara Manami.

    Each group will be on for two weeks.

    [Sentimental Night]

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