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  • Sentimental Night - 1997.07.14

    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Suzuki Urarako ()
    Sweet Tears (Hoshino Asuka/Okamoto Asami)
    Ano Hi no Mama no Kimi de Ite, Endou Akira hen
    Toyoshima Machiko introduced herself as the class president. Then Suzuki Urarako said that she would be in charge of the infirmary.

    CM: Animate Kawagoe
    CM: Pretty Sami [Sega Saturn]
    CM: Animate Kinshichou
    [This is the first time there was a CM for a different game.]

    Urarako read a letter for the "sentimental mistake" corner. It was from a 14 year old boy that went to a 17 year old girl's room, and found a lot of Sentimental Graffiti posters. The girl told him that she would give him one poster for one kiss. It would be his first kiss, and he asked what he should do.

    Urarako said that he should go get it himself at the game center.

    Machiko read a letter for the "dengonban" corner.

    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, 12 girls
    CM: Animate Tsudanuma
    CM: Doukyuusei 2 [Sega Saturn]

    Then they had the Sentimental radio drama, Ano Hi no Mama no Kimi de Ite Endou Akira story.

    They were still accepting letters (votes) for the Sentimental Night Seifuku contest (school uniform contest). People should vote for their favorite uniform, not favorite girl.

    [But I think for most people the uniform and girl goes together..]

    Then Machiko asked what kind of school uniform Toshiko wore, and Toshiko said that it was one with a flowing skirt, vest, white blouse, and a circular collar.

    CM: Animate Machida
    CM: Sotsugyou S [Sega Saturn]
    CM: Animate Kinchichou

    Then they played Sweet Tears by Hoshino Asuka (Okamoto Asami).

    Urarako said that her favorite movie was "Tenshi ni Love Song wo".

    Next week will be class B, and class A wouldn't return until the final week.

    [Sentimental Night]

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