Sentimental Night - 1997.10.27

Title Sentimental Night
Date 1997.10.27
Song See You Again (Takano Hiroshi)
Drama Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni, Sawatari Honoka
Cohosts Suzuki Mariko (Τ)
Suzuki Urarako ()
Okada Junko (Ľ)

In last week's "voice diary" (the little talk at the end), Mariko said that she was going home to meet Ginchi.. Ginchi is her cat, not a boy friend.

When asked what they did this week, Junko said that she slept a lot. She would sleep until noon, even though she sleeps at midnight.

Urarako said that she was always sleepy. She was the type that usually went to sleep at 5 and woke up at 10. But recently she has been going to sleep early and waking up early.

Junko read a letter for the "sentimental mistake" corner. Someone called 119 instead of calling 117 (for the time). He quickly apologized. Junko said that she called 119 by mistake too, but she hung up on them. Then the next day, the police came over to her house.

In the "watashi dake no corner", the girls talked about the "origins" of their names.

Mariko read a letter for the "dengonban" corner. It was a letter from someone who went to all of the "cheering" stores for each SG girl (in their respective home towns).

The drama was Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni Sawatari Honoka story.

The drama next week will be Endou Akira.

The song for the "sentimental song" corner was See You Again by Takano Hiroshi.

When Urarako was in high school there was an older boy that she liked, like an older brother. There were times when they could only meet a few times a year, and she was listening to this song.

The Sentimental Graffiti concert CD will go on sale 11/1.

Junko: I talked a lot, so I'm very satisfied.
Urarako: It's the end again..
Mariko: It's a little sad that our turn is over.

The "voice diary" was by Urarako. A few days ago, the weather was very nice, so she grabbed her CD and camera and went walking for around 6 hours. She just walked around randomly, and took pictures of interesting things.

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