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  • Sentimental Night - 1997.12.22

    Maeda Ai (前田愛)
    Oda Michiko
    Nishiguchi Yuka (西口有香)
    Theme from Dokuganryuu Masamune
    Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni, Nanase Yuu
    It was group D's turn. (It had been one month.)

    There are only two broadcasts left for this radio show.

    Yuka said that she ate taiyaki everyday. There is a place that puts lots of different things inside the taiyaki (usually it's just anko).

    Ai and Yuka read letters for the sentimental mistake corner.

    Ai laughs a lot, and then throws up. (Michiko said the Ai threw up in front of her before.) She likes Japanese sake a lot. Michiko doesn't like to drink that much. Yuka said that she can drink a lot. Makishima Yuki tries to make her drunk, but Yuki gets drunk first.

    Toshiko read a letter from a guy who was asked by his girl friend to sleep over. But he made up an excuse and went home. He asked the girls if he did the right thing..

    Yuka said that one shouldn't do it until one got married. She said that she wouldn't.

    [then in the background..]
    Ai: Her boy friend will have a hard time..
    Michiko: Ai, what did you just say?
    Ai: I didn't say anything..

    Michiko read a letter for the dengon-ban corner. It was from a guy who realized how great a seiyuu Toshiko was.. He found out that Toshiko did Kiteretsu. Then the other girls said that they liked a lot of Toshiko's roles, but those roles were all boy's roles.. Toshiko said that she did girl's roles before too.

    The drama was Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni Nanase Yuu story.

    The sentimental song was Theme from Dokuganryuu Masamune (chosen by Oda Michiko).

    Michiko said that she liked the actor (Watanabe Ken) who played Masamune.

    Ai said that her neck was hurt today. She got a call at 7 AM on her PHS. (It was a wrong number.) Then she went back to sleep and hurt her neck.

    In the voice diary corner, Michiko said that she spent last Christmas with some female friends. This year she's waiting for a call from Tom Cruise or DiCaprio, but she hasn't received any calls yet..

    [Sentimental Night]

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