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  • Aaa Shin Tenchi - 1997.07.27

    Nagai Mariko [singer]
    They played parts from the public recording that took place on 7/24, which was part of the Manatsu no Gakuensai. Besides Orikasa Ai and Takada Yumi, the guests were Kikuchi Masami (Tenchi), Iwao Junko (Mayuka), Iizuka Mayumi, and Mizuno Manabi.

    During the public recording.. Ai and Yumi dressed up as kogal, and had a contest between them who is more like a real kogal!
    [kogal = high school girl]

    [back to the radio show..]

    The guest was singer Nagai Mariko. Mariko was taking a while off, after giving birth. She returned to work recently, and her first song after coming back was Manatsu no Eve.
    [a very nice song]

    [Aaa Shin Tenchi]

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