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  • 少コミNIGHT - 1996.05.19

    Shutter Chance no Renzoku (Iwao Junko)
    Tokyo Juliette episode 1
    Junko: Tonight is a wonderful night. It's the night when the drama Tokyo Juliette begins.
    Junko: Also today is the first day of my adult musical. It's a maternity play called Happy Light. I do a role where I become pregnant, and have to have a baby. I have no experience in this! I was very nervous. Maybe next week I'll talk some more about it.

    A listener asked about the various corners on this radio show.

    Junko: At the beginning, I had some shoujo manga authors as guests. Then we took requests for shoujo comics, and the number one requested one will become a radio drama. So Tokyo Juliette will start today.

    The corners that have been decided on are the following.

    • Iwao Junko to Nayamou (岩男潤子と悩もう)
      Since Junko is older than most of the listeners (^_^;) she will be like an older sister and give advice to people who have some worries and such.
    • Chiisana Shiawase (小さな幸せ)
      This corner will be about a little happiness, the little things the have made one happy.
    • Iwao Junko to Iwaou! (岩男潤子と祝おう!)
      This is the corner where Junko will celebrate birthdays and other happy events. Junko will play the keyboard and sing too.
    • Kaeuta Paradise (替え歌パラダイス)
      Junko says, "This is the main corner."
      Junko wrote a song about her hamster called Boku ha 32 gram, and she wants people to send in new lyrics for this song. It can be a song about anything. Then Junko will play the keyboard and sing the song.

    The first corner was the Chiisana Shiawase corner. Junko read two letters. One person was happy because the 5/12 broadcast of this radio show was the first one that started on time. All of the other ones had been pushed back due to baseball broadcasts.

    The other person was happy that Tokyo Juliette was going to become a radio drama.

    The next corner was the Iwao Junko to Nayamou corner. Junko received letters from people who wanted to become seiyuu.

    Junko: I started going to auditions for seiyuu work when I was 19. But I didn't get anything until I was 23. During that time, I was able to do many different kinds of work. I also sang a lot of songs. So even if you can't do the work that you want right away, don't give up.

    The next corner was the Iwao Junko to Iwaou! corner. Junko played the keyboard and sang Happy Birthday.

    The last corner was the Kaeuta Paradise corner. Junko received a song about her hamster, and she sang it. [VERY cute!]

    Junko: Guu-chan gained weight. Now he's 33 grams.

    Then Junko played her song, Shutter Chance no Renzoku.

    Episode 1 of the Tokyo Juliette radio drama was aired.

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