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  • 少コミNIGHT - 1996.05.26

    Buranko Oritara (Iwao Junko)
    Tokyo Juliette episode 2
    Junko: I'm so hungry. (^_^) Don't you get hungry at this time?

    The first corner was the Chiisana Shiawase corner.

    The second corner was the Iwao Junko to Nayamou corner. The letter was from a girl who fell in love with her tutor.

    Next, Juko read a letter from someone who called her teacher, mama, and became very embarrassed. Junko said that she had called the director, sensei, but she was very lucky as nobody had heard her. So Junko created a new corner, あながあったらはいりたい (anaga attara hairitai) corner.

    Junko: Turtles are cute. But I can't touch it because I'm scared.

    The next corner was the Iwao Junko to Iwaou! corner. Junko played the keyboard and sang the Happy Birthday song.

    The last corner was the Kaeuta Paradise corner. Junko played the keyboard and sang two songs.

    Then Junko played her song, Buranko Oritara.

    Episode 2 of the Tokyo Juliette radio drama was aired.

    Junko: When I was in grade school, I couldn't talk much and I was a very quiet girl. But now I talk a lot in these 30 minutes, don't I? I'm also worried that some of you won't be able to fall asleep after listening to my high voice and high tension. Please relax and listen to the show.

    Junko's summer concert information can be heard at 03-3408-0371.

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