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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1996.10.20

    Nemurihime Age 2
    This broadcast was taped at a ryokan in Shizuoka. Junko and the staff went to Shizuoka because this radio show was also going to be broadcast in the Shizuoka area. Junko said that she was wearing her devil pajamas.

    To get to the onsen, Junko and the staff rode a SL train. [I don't know what a SL train is..] They had recorded many things in the train, and played parts of it.

    Junko had brought her keyboard, and she wrote a song about her onsen trip. [The music was the Guu-chan song.] She had gotten a whistle shaped like a train.

    Junko played the keyboard and sang the happy birthday song.

    The drama was Nemurihime Age 2.

    During the ending, Junko was in the onsen!
    [She says she was wearing a bathing suit..]

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