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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1996.10.27

    Arigatou (Iwao Junko)
    Nemurihime Age 3
    There will be a second public recording event.

    Junko got two more friends for Guu-chan: Mii-chan (22 grams) and Chii-chan (16 grams), female hamsters. Junko is taking a lot of pictures of them with her digital camera.

    Junko came to Tokyo when she was 13 years old, because she got a role in a movie. Junko says, "Now I realize I didn't have to rush. The experience that you gain by going to school and talking to friends is important in the seiyuu work. Without it you can't act correctly."
    So she advised others not to rush into it.

    Junko played the keyboard and sang the happy birthday song for various people who had sent in letters.
    Junko: Happy birthday to those born in October.

    Junko played the keyboard and sang her Guu-chan song with lyrics sent in by a listener. The lyrics were about Junko herself. Junko said that if someone ever runs into her in Akihabara, they shouldn't be afraid to talk to her.

    Junko played her song Arigatou, from the game Noel.

    The drama was Nemurihime Age 3.

    Junko said that the detailed information for her second public recording event will be in the monthly Shoujo Comics that goes on sale in November.

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