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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1996.12.01

    Hajimemashite (Iwao Junko)
    Nemurihime Age 8 (final episode)
    Junko: It's December already! Time goes by so fast. I wish there were 365 hours in a day.

    Junko: Before I go onto the letters, thank you to those who came to Shibuya on 11/27, and those who came to the gakuensai on the 23rd and 24th. I sang 10 songs at the school festivals in the outdoors. It was fun. Also on the 27th, I asked you to come, but there were so many people that some of you had to stand. I'm sorry. I read the comments and there were people who were worried about me because it was so packed full of people, and the lack of oxygen. Thanks for worrying about me, I'm all right. Next time, I want to think more about how to do it better. I want to do another one in February.

    Junko read a letter from a girl who started to like someone. Then Junko said that one didn't have to rush into things, and you should just be happy. Junko said that she was well over 20 when she really liked someone for the first time.

    Then Junko played the keyboard and sang the birthday song.

    Then Junko played the keyboard and sang a kaeuta for the Guu-chan song.

    Junko played Hajimemashite.

    Someone asked if she did all parts of the acapella for that song. Junko said that she did, by recording parts at a time, and putting them on top of each other.

    The drama was Nemurihime Age episode 8, the last episode.

    Junko: Please access my home page.

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