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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1996.12.08

    Shutter Chance no Renzoku [kaeuta] (Iwao Junko, live)
    Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta (Iwao Junko)
    The Nemurihime Age CD book that contains the radio drama, and a song by Kingetsu Mami (as Ayane), goes on sale 12/10.

    In the chiisana shiawase (little happiness) corner, someone sent in a letter saying that they were happy to win the Guu-chan CD. The person asked what the first thing Junko had ever won was.

    Junko: I'm sorry, I forgot. Oh, I remember. It was a panda nuigurumi from some candy.

    Junko: I've seen a shooting star three times in my life, of 17 years.

    Junko talked about her home page. The title of her page is Iwao Junko's kaki fry (Iwao Junko's fried oysters). She said that if you click on the picture of the oyster, it will give you some directions on how to make fried oysters.

    Someone sent in some new lyrics to go with Junko's hit song, Shutter Chance no Renzoku. The lyrics were about Junko and the Shou Comi Night radio show. Then Junko sang it live!

    Junko started laughing at the end because of the funny lyrics.

    Junko: I want to sing this later without laughing. If you want to hear it again, please send in requests.

    [This was very nice!]

    Junko: Are you awake? Maybe you're falling asleep because of the way I talk. I try to talk firmly, but when I get home and listen to the radio show, it's so faint..

    Then Junko played the keyboard and sang the happy birthday song.

    Then Junko played the keyboard and sang two kaeuta for her Guu-chan song.

    Junko talked about going to eat and pigging out the other day. She went to a new restaurant that had a double chicken sautee (two pieces of chicken). This dish came with rice and salad, but Junko also ordered a salad bar and went twice, banana for dessert, soft cream, chocolate babaloa, and another mix soft cream.

    Then Junko played her Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta, from her Christmas album (last year). Junko said that this album was reprinted, so it's possible to buy it again this year.

    Junko: It's Christmas soon. How is everyone going to spend Christmas? I'm going skiing.

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