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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.01.12

    Asou Kaori ()
    A Whole New World (Asou Kaori and ??)
    Junko: I'm trying to get back to normal from the New Year holidays, but I still feel like eating mochi.

    Junko's friend Asou Kaori was the guest. Junko called her Kaorin. Kaori does the role of Jasmine in Aladdin, and Ririka in Nurse Angel Ririka.

    Kaori: Hello, I'm nervous.

    Then Junko and Kaori just talked about many things.

    Kaori will have a live on 1/21. She had one last year too. This time, she will sing the songs from Aladdin, and some others.

    Junko and Kaori read some letters together.

    Junko said that she put a telephone card into the ticket machine at the train station, and since she was listening to the walkman, she didn't hear the alarm, and bumped into the closed doors.

    When coming to the radio studio, Junko only had 1100 yen. She got in a taxi to come to Bunka Housou from Shinjuku. As she got close, the fare became 1050 yen. Junko wanted to tell the driver to stop, but just at that moment, Junko started choking on a candy and couldn't talk. Then the taxi went all the way to Bunka Housou, and the fare went up to 1130 yen. Junko was still coughing, and holding her money. Then the taxi driver noticed that Junko didn't have enough money and told her that he would make it 1000 yen.

    Then Junko read some letters for the "iwaou" corner and "kaeuta" corner. Both Junko and Kaori sang the songs.

    Junko said that nobody had ever tried picking her up when she was walking the streets. But she does get a lot of tissues. But Junko also said that she can't get one when she really wants one.

    Then they played A Whole New World from Aladdin, but Asou Kaori, and some guy. (The song is in Japanese.)

    Junko will have her concert on 3/17 and 3/18.

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