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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.03.16

    Nagano Ai ()
    Kiseki no Senshi Evangelion (Iwao Junko)
    Junko got hay fever this year. She's taking medicine, and it helps, but the medicine is making her very sleepy.

    The guest this week was Nagano Ai, the seiyuu for Honey in Cutey Honey Flash. When Ai came, Junko said that she was cute. This was Ai's first time on the radio, and she was nervous.

    The only voice work that Ai had done before Cutey Honey Flash was two commercials on the radio.

    When she got the role of Honey, Ai was so happy that she cried about 10 years worth of tears. The role of Ai was chosen by audition. Junko asked what kind of lines Ai had to do in the audition, and Ai said that she had to do Honey's "attack" lines and also some lines taken out of the anime. Some of those lines are popping up in the current episodes, and Ai said that it was fun to discover where those lines came from.

    Junko asked about what kind of difficulty Ai was having with the role of Honey. Ai said that although it was a 30 minute anime, it was taking a long time to record. She said it was hard to keep the same tension from the beginning and end of the recording session. Junko said that it was hard too. Sometimes she wants to redo the earlier lines, since she had changed during the recording session. For things such as narration, it's possible, but for anime where you have a lot of seiyuu, this isn't possible.

    Ai was interested in foreign paintings. She also likes karaoke. She likes to sing Judy and Mary (a Japanese popular group).

    Junko: I want to hear.
    Ai: Let's go karaoke together.

    Then Junko said that there was a public recording of this radio show on 4/6, and she asked Ai to come and sing there. Ai said that she would like to go to the public recording event, but that she was bad at singing.

    Junko talked about the previous public recording events, and about her Guu-chan song. Then Ai said that she had a pet parakeet (named Jonathon), and asked Junko to make a song about it.

    Ai brought three cels of Cutey Honey, that was used in the Chao TV commercial, as presents.

    Ai: Please cheer for Cutey Honey Flash.

    Junko got a letter from someone who forgot to wear her blazer to school. Junko said that she did the same thing. When Junko was going to junior high in Kyuushuu, she had a sailor fuku, but when she came to Tokyo her school had blazers. There was a time when Junko wore her blouse, vest, and tie, but forgot the blazer because she was wearing a coat.

    There was a letter asking about the Guu-chan song CD. A listener looked for it in the CD stores but couldn't find it. Junko said that it was only made as a present. She said that she would bring some to the next public recording event.

    Then Junko played Kiseki no Senshi Evangelion that she sang as Horaki Hikari, for the Evangelion Sega Saturn game. This song was never released on a CD.

    Junko did the iwaou and kaeuta paradise corners.

    There will be a Fujiko F. Fujio art display from 3/22 to 4/6 at the Mitsukoshi department store in Shinjuku.

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