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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.04.13

    Asou Kaori ()
    Nagano Ai
    Songs [sung live]
    True Love (Asou Kaori)
    Cutey Honey (Asou Kaori, Iwao Junko, Nagano Ai)
    The director of the radio show, Otakki Sasaki, announced that they had to cancel the public recording because of rain. But this broadcast will have a lot of the things that they would have done at the public recording.
    [The recording was supposed to take place on 1997.04.06.]

    Junko: I'm very sad that we couldn't have the event today.

    The guests were Asou Kaori and Nagano Ai.

    Junko and Kaori read letters and sang for the "iwaou" corner.

    Kaori will have her next stage soon. It's a dance and musical, and she was very tired these days because of rehearsal. The stage will start in mid May, and go until mid June, all over Japan.

    All of a sudden, some bad guys from the Panther Claw came to take over the show.. But Junko screamed out (in a very cute voice), and called out for Cutey Honey. Then Nagano Ai came and said her lines in Honey's voice.

    Ai said that this was going to be her first public recording event, so she was disappointed that it had to be cancelled.

    Ai said that there will be a Cutey Honey movie this summer, and she was looking forward to it. But they still didn't know anything about the story yet. They are selling advance tickets for the movie, which comes with a Cutey Honey poster.

    Ai was a student until last month. She just graduated from college on 3/22.

    Then Kaori joined Junko and Ai, and the studio became a live house!

    Kaori: I'm so nervous.

    Kaori sang True Love, an image song in Cutey Honey.

    Then Kaori, Junko, and Ai sang Cutey Honey.
    [This was GREAT!]

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