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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.06.01

    Takeuchi Masami (mangaka)
    Himitsu no Akko-chan (Iwao Junko)
    The opening music was different. Junko played a rearranged version of "Boku ha 32 Gram" that was sent in by a listener. One person had sent in a MD with 18 different rearrangements of the Guu-chan song.

    The guest was Takeuchi Masami, mangaka who writes "Oshaberi na Amadeus" and "Diamond Girl". Junko said that Masami was cute.
    [Masami does have a cute voice.]

    Masami has been working on "Oshaberi na Amadeus" for two and a half years. She is busy now working on two manga simultaneously, but she's happy to have a lot of work. Masami likes to write about weak girls who become strong (chasing a dream).

    When she was in college, Masami was in the manga club. Some of her upper club members were sending in manga to various publishers, so Masami tried too. Until then, Masami just drew for fun, so she only began thinking of becoming a mangaka in college.

    Masami started learning violin two years ago. She likes to go to classic concerts. But she also likes SMAP.

    On 7/27, Takeuchi Masami will have a signing session in Osaka.

    Then Junko read letters and sang for the "iwaou" and "kaeuta" corners. Junko sang two songs for the "kaeuta" corner.

    Then Junko played Himitsu no Akko-chan, that she sang a long time ago.
    [Junko's voice is different from now.]

    Today, Junko had her hair "rolled" out. She washed her hair the previous night, and when she woke up the back was bent outwards. So she curled her hair so it rolled out, but it didn't work too well.. She wanted advice from someone who knew how to roll out the hair well.

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