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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.09.14

    Taniyama Hiroko
    Herb Garden (Taniyama Hiroko)
    Pajama no Ki (Taniyama Hiroko)
    Junko got a lot of letters about her concert. Junko said that she stuck out her belly button, and wore cat ears and a tail, when singing.

    The guest was Taniyama Hiroko. There were a lot of letters and questions. They read some and talked.

    When asked about what she was interested in now, Hiroko said aromatherapy. Junko said that Hiroko gave her some of it when she got sick. It didn't taste good, but it worked.

    Then they played Herb Garden by Taniyama Hiroko.

    Hiroko and Junko both said that their songs can make people sleepy. Hiroko said that there were some people who even slept during her concerts.

    Hiroko will have a 101 person concert at Orchard Hall (Shibuya). It's called "101 person" because there will be 100 people in the audience and Hiroko will sing, making 101 people.

    Then they played Pajama no Ki by Taniyama Hiroko.

    The guest next week will be Taniyama Hiroko again.

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