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  • Shou Comi Night - 1998.01.25

    Koko ni Iruyo (Iwao Junko)
    Junko said that she was very scared of the shocker from Kamen Rider when she was little. When she went to the Kamen Rider show, she cried a lot when the shocker came out and tried to catch her.

    Junko read a letter from someone who went to the public recording. Then she read more letters.

    On the day that it snowed, she left the studio at around 1 AM, and got home around 3.

    Junko said that she can only sleep around 3 or 4 hours on weekdays. There is so much that she wants to do when she gets home, she doesn't have time to sleep. But she hasn't updated her home page much..

    A video of her concert last December will go on ale 3/18.

    Then Junko played the keyboards and sang for the "iwaou" and "kaeuta" corners.

    Junko played Koko ni Iruyo. Then during the second half of the song, Junko talked over the song. Junko announced that she was going to get married on 2/14! She will be marrying Yamamoto Harukichi (山本はるきち).

    There will be a 2 CD concert CD coming out on 2/18. The first pressing will come with a 38 page picture booklet. The video/LD of this concert will go on sale 3/18.

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