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  • Shou Comi Night - 1998.05.17

    Inoue Kazuhiko (°ζΎεΟΒΙ§)
    Shinohara Chie (mangaka)
    Neko Youbi (Iwao Junko)
    Iwao Junko said that she had a day off during the Golden Week, and was very happy about that.

    The guest was Inoue Kazuhiko, and Junko and Kazuhiko did a mini drama right off of the CM. (The drama was "Kiss in the Blue".) Junko said that the mangaka Shinohara Chie was also in the studio, just watching.

    They talked about "Sora ha Akaikawa no Hotori ni" (manga by Shinohara Chie, Kazuhiko is doing the voice of the main character in the CD drama). Kazuhiko said that there were a lot of love/kiss scenes. Junko wondered if they really kissed.. Kazuhiko said that it was sound effects, but the talking and lines were really acted out. He even said that some of the lines were too "intense", so they had to redo them without putting too much feeling into it.

    Then Junko asked Kazuhiko about advice for those wanting to be a seiyuu. Kazuhiko said that being a seiyuu is not about doing a voice in anime and foreign movies. One shouldn't concentrate too much on the voice. He said that the most important thing is acting, and that doing voice work is part of being an actor. One must act so that the listener can be moved emotionally.

    Kazuhiko has a school called "Inoue Kazuhiko's Seiyuu Kyoushitsu", and there will be and advertisement in the magazines for the next recruitment of students.

    Kazuhiko will be doing a stage play in the fall.

    Kazuhiko will be in the Thursday night movie on 5/28, DNA2, in the main role of Ashe. He said that it was a scary story.

    After the CM, Shinohara Chie came as a guest. Junko asked Chie about advice for being a mangaka. Chie said that it wasn't enough to be able to draw well, or write a good story. A mangaka has to be able to give deep emotional feelings to the readers.

    Then Junko read a few letters and sang for the "iwaou" corner.

    Then Junko played Neko Youbi.

    Junko said that there will be a very important announcement next week.

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