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  • Kikuko no Sonata - 1998.10.09

    Tenshi no Chime (Yamamoto Maria)
    This was the first broadcast of the new radio show by Inoue Kikuko and Yamamoto Maria, based on the Playstation game Sonata.

    The title "ka ki ku ke kikuko no sa si su se sonata" is like a tongue twister, so they will have a corner for tongue twisters sent in by listeners.

    Since this is the first broadcast, they introduced themselves. Kikuko and Maria both said that they were 17 years old.

    Maria is in second year of high school, but she is doing some seiyuu work, and has released some CDs. Her first regular role in an anime began this fall. Maria is doing the role of Miyazawa Kano in Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou.

    Kikuko introduced herself as liking sweet foods. Maria said that she liked them too. Maria likes to make sweets, and she promised to make cakes and cookies every week.

    Even though this was the first broadcast, there were some letters.

    Someone asked what Maria was in her former life, since Kikuko was a fish. Maria said that maybe she was a rabbit.

    Then Kikuko and Maria introduced the corners of the radio show. The first one is "17 sai de kotaechau", where Kikuko and Maria answer questions and solve the problems of the listeners. The second on is "mittsu no sekai de aimashou", where people write normal letters, pretending to be one of the things in the three worlds in the game Sonata.

    The third corner is "utatte sonata", where Kikuko makes an adlib song, based on certain keywords sent in by the listeners. Each letter should contain just one word. Then they did an example, with Maria making up three topics, and Kikuko singing.

    Then Mr. Yoshikawa from T&E Soft came to talk a little about the game Sonata.

    They played Tenshi no Chime from Maria's second album, which will go on sale 11/15.

    Maria announced that there will be an event for this radio show during the Tokyo Game Show on 10/11.

    [Sasisuse Sonata]

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