Kikuko no Sonata - 1998.10.23

Title Kakikuke Kikuko no Sasisuse Sonata
Aired 1998.10.23
Songs Oozora no Shitade (Yamamoto Maria)
Hosts Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Yamamoto Maria (Τ)

Maria couldn't say the opening tongue twister.

There was a question asking what people should call Maria. Maria said that people usually didn't call her by nicknames. She said Yamamoto Maria was her true name. Then Kikuko suggested "Marilyn" and "imouto-chan" (little sister).

The next corner was "17 sai de kotaechau", where people send in questions.

The next corner was "mittsu no sekai de aimashou", where people write normal letters as one of the things in the three worlds. This week the world was the gakuen world, and Kikuko said she was the health teacher, and Maria said she was the medicine.

The next corner was "utatte sonata", where Kikuko sings adlib songs based on topics that Maria chose from the letters. The topics this weeks were "a camel", "shakuhachi" (Japanese flute), and "how many minutes do I have to cook the potatoes", with a waltz as the melody.

The next corner was "Sonata kara no tegami", where Mr. Yoshikawa of T&E Soft came to give information about Sonata. He gave out the information about Kikuko and Maria's roles in Sonata. Kikuko will do the role of Uranai robot Kikko-chan in the SF Cyber World. She will be other characters in other worlds. Maria will be the Princess that appears in the opening. She only appears in the opening.

They were going to give away 20 sets of the goods that were given away at the Tokyo Game Show. (data CD-ROM for Playstation, special trading card, a Sonata pamphlet)

Then they played "Oozora no Shitade" from Maria's second album that will go on sale 11/15, Kaze no Nioi.

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