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  • Kikuko no Sonata - 1998.10.30

    Kimi no Uta (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko couldn't say the opening tongue twister.

    Maria's birthday is September 11. When Kikuko first met Maria, she was 16, but now she is 17. Kikuko said she also turned 17.

    The next corner was "17 sai de kotaechau", where people send in questions. Kikuko said that she tried to use hypnosis to make her baby daughter sleep at night.

    The next corner was "mittsu no sekai de aimashou", where people write normal letters as one of the things in the three worlds. The world was the "SF Cyber world". A listener found out about Maria's past, when she always put "monomane" (doing imitations) as one of her special talents on her profile. But Maria isn't very good at it, so she doesn't put it down any more.

    The next corner was "utatte sonata", where Kikuko sings adlib songs based on topics that Maria chose from the letters.

    The next corner was "Sonata kara no tegami". This week they didn't talk about Sonata. They talked abou Blaze and Blade Busters, a game that is on sale now.

    Then they played Kimi no Uta, a coupling song to Kikuko's single. This is a very sentimental song.
    [They played the full song.]

    Maria will have a handshake session event on 11/15, for her new CD.

    [Sasisuse Sonata]

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