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  • Kikuko no Sonata - 1998.11.13

    Douzo Yoroshikune (Inoue Kikuko)
    Both Maria and Kikuko were able to say their tongue twisters.

    The first corner was "17 sai de kotaechau". The listener said that he was a train driver, but he gets sleepy and almost misses the train stations.. He asked what he should do. Kikuko said that he should eat when he gets sleepy.

    The next corner was "3 tsu no sekai de aimashou" with the world being "kyodai gakuen world". Kikuko said she wanted to be St Paulia, and Maria wanted to be Bach. But Maria didn't know anything about Bach, so she changed to Beethoven. Kikuko said she likes cream bread, but she likes the white cream, not yellow cream. Maria said she liked very hot curry bread.

    The next corner was "Utatte sonata". The topics for the song were lariat (a pro wrestling move), inu no nikukyuu (?), super hitoshi-kun (a mascot doll in a quiz show). Kikuko sang the song in an "enka" style.

    The next corner was "sonata kara no tegami", with Mr. Shibata from T&E Soft. He said that Sonata will go on sale 1999.02.25. The first pressing will have a ticket to send in for a present, a life sized Aoi-chan bath towel.

    Then they played Douzo Yoroshikune, the opening song of this radio show, which will go on sale 11/18.

    Maria will have an event for her CD on 11/15, at Animate Machida.

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