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  • Kakikuke Kikuko no Sasisuse Sonata - 1998.12.18

    Wendenyan no Christmas (Inoue Kikuko)
    Both Maria and Kikuko were able to say their tongue twisters.

    It was almost Christmas. Kikuko and Maria talked about he cute food and Christmas goods.

    The first corner was "17 sai de kotaechau". There was a question by a listener who couldn't stop laughing when he reads a funny manga at a bookstore. Kikuko and Maria both said they do the same thing, so there was nothing wrong with it. Kikuko rides the train a lot, and she bites her lower lip when she has to laugh.. Maria rides the bus to school, But she bit her lower lip too hard, and it started bleeding..

    The next question was from a person who worked at a convenience store, and had a habit of saying "irasshaimase" (welcome). He says it even during normal times.. Kikuko and Maria said that they do similar things too.

    The next corner was "3 no sekai de aimashou", and the world was Fantasy World.

    Kikuko was wondering why there isn't a year of the manbou..

    The next corner was "utatte sonata", and the topics were: buta no hikiniku 400g (400g of gound pork), santa claus no fukuro (Santa's bag), and sexy dynamite. Kikuko sang the song in the melody of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", but in the end, she changed the melody.

    The next corner was "sonata kara no tegami". They introduced some of the battle scenes of Sonata.

    Then they played Kikuko's song Wendenyan no Christmas.

    Maria read the announcement for the public recording event, that will take place on 1/17.

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