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  • Kakikuke Kikuko no Sasisuse Sonata - 1999.01.01

    Ganbatte Makenaide (Inoue Kikuko)
    The opening had some New Year music in the background. There wasn't a tongue twister.

    Kikuko said that she wants to try new things this year. She will have a solo concert this spring. Maria said she released many CDs last year, so she wants to sing somewhere this year.

    Kikuko said that they will have the public recording this year, and they will even sing some songs.

    The first corner was "17 sai de kotaechau".

    The next corner was "3 no sekai de aimashou", and the world was Fantasy World. There was a question about what they would call themselves if they made a group together. Kikuko pretended that she was from America, and spoke Japanese in a foreign accent. (VERY funny!)

    The next corner was "utatte sonata", and the topics were: curry youbi (the day of curry rice), beef jerky, ikken'ya (a house).

    The next corner was "sonata kara no tegami". They talked about the New Year events that occur in the Sonata game.

    Kikuko did the voice of a character called Yan'yan in the game.

    Then they played Ganbatte Makenaide from Tadaima.

    Kikuko announced that her Oneechan to Issho CD, Winter issue will go on sale 1/20.

    [Sasisuse Sonata]

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