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  • Kikuko no Sonata - 1999.01.15

    Congratulations (Goddess Family Club)
    Both Maria and Kikuko were able to say their tongue twisters.

    The first corner was "17 sai de kotaechau".

    Kikuko and Maria both said that their voices change (get higher) when they talk on the phone. Kikuko said that a salesman called her and asked for her mother (thinking she was a child).

    Maria said that she can't eat wasabi, so when she eats sushi she eats it without wasabi. Kikuko said that she likes wasabi in sushi.

    The next corner was "mittsu no sekai de aimashou". This week, the world was fantasy world. Kikuko acted as the fairy of nattou, and Maria acted as the fairy of meat. Maria said she loved meat.

    The next corner was "utatte sonata", where Kikuko sings an adlib song. The topics were satsuma age (fried fish cake), inu isu (dog seat), yama ga sukidesu (I like mountains). Maria played a castanet that she bought in Spain (she went to Spain at the end of last year).

    Kikuko said she did four roles in the Sonata game: a fortune teller who sits in a bar, a miko at a shrine, an uranai robot Kikko-chan, and Yan'yan, a virtual pet.

    Kikuko said that Hisakawa Aya got married on January 9, so she played the song Congratulations by the Goddess Family Club.

    Kikuko said that her talk CD, Shin Oneechan to Issho, will go on sale 1/20.

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