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  • Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou - 1995.10.14

    • Summary by: Richard Uyeyama (ruyeyama@best.com)
    • Special thanks to Hitoshi Doi for assistance in a couple spots
    • V1.1 1/21/96
    - Omajinai Corner -

    Since this is the first broadcast, and they obviously have no mail yet, Ai and Yumi read each others' "letters"...

    Ai: Miss Takada Yumi who lives in Tokyo City writes: "My love charm is to take some hair from the person you love, and then sleep with it under your pillow."
    Ai: So, a bundle of hair, then? Do you need to use a lot?
    Yumi: Just one strand should do.
    Ai: Hmm... you might even see their dreams. Try this out, okay?
    Yumi: Miss Orikasa Ai who lives in Tokyo City writes: "Here's my charm (omajinai): when you blow your nose, if you do the left nostril first, your ears won't pop."
    Ai and Yumi go on to talk about how it's not good for people in their job (voice acting) to catch cold, since if their nose gets stuffed up, they can't work, their job being dependent upon their voice...
    Ai: Even without a cold they say I have a nasal voice..
    Yumi: Yes, I understand.

    - Title screen - ("Himitsu no... Tenchi... Muyo!")

    - OP song -

    - Random intro talk -

    Ai and Yumi greet everyone and introduce themselves. They make a few comments about it being the first broadcast. Then, in case there's anybody listening who hasn't heard of "Tenchi Muyo" before, Ai explains what Tenchi Muyo is: There was an Original Video Animation series called "Tenchi Muyo". And then there was a TV series "Tenchi Muyo". And now there's this radio series...

    Yumi: So hey, even those of you who don't know anything about Tenchi Muyo, we'd like you to become fans of this show too.
    Ai: Oh, definitely. Even if you always listen, thinking "These ladies are *weird*!", or whatever...
    Ai and Yumi then go on to ask for everybody's support in the coming months...

    - list of sponsors - (Ai reads the list of sponsors)

    - CM break 1 - (2 commercials)

    - Eyecatch 1 (dreamy) -

    - Ai to Yumi no Cho:jiku: Tsu:shin -

    This is the "corner" where Ai and Yumi will be reading all kinds of letters from listeners, and is also a place where you'll find out more about Ai and Yumi themselves (so says Yumi). Since there are obviously no letters yet, they talk about themselves.

    Yumi talks a bit about her role on Tenchi Muyo as Aeka, a royal princess. This leads to talk about Ai's role (Ryoko), and how Ryoko's character started out scary (as an oni (a kind of Japanese demon/devil creature), in fact!), but has been getting cuter as time goes by... "No fair!", protests Yumi...

    They also talk a bit about where they were born. They're both Tokyo area natives, it seems. Yumi is apparently from Roka-ko:en.

    Ai: Wow, that's a nice place.
    Yumi: A nice place, maybe, but there's nothing there!

    Ai is from Kita-senju. Ai talks a bit about loving festivals and such.

    Then they give the address for you to send letters to:

     T 160-02
     Bunka-ho:so: [Bunka Broadcasting]
     Himitsu no Tenchi Muyo:!
     Ai to Yumi no Cho:jiku: Tsu:shin

    - Eyecatch 2 (children) -

    - Radio Drama Intro -

    Ai and Yumi introduce the first Tenchi Muyo radio drama.

    - Tenchi Muyo Radio Drama, Pre-Story -

    Nobuyuki and Katsuhito (Yo:sho:) rent a video, whose title is apparently the same as a movie that "baasan" (grandma) used to like. When they play the video, however, it doesn't turn out to be, ummmm, exactly what they had expected...

    [note: I'm not entirely sure if this is actually making fun of (parodying) some infamous title or something, or if it's just the writers being... whimsical.]

    - Tenchi Muyo Radio Drama, Episode 1 -

    Title: "I'M the Star!" ("Shuyaku wa ore da!")

    "Galaxy Hollywood" is holding an independent filmmaking contest, which Ryo-oh-ki apparently wants to submit something to. Washuu provides a movie camera that anybody can use (it does practically everything for you), and everybody gets together to make a movie. Unfortunately, everybody seems to have differing ideas as to what sort of film to make...

    Ryoko's idea: Indy-Ryoko. (Indiana Jones parody) With Ryoko as the lead, and Tenchi as the love interest...

    Aeka's idea: Romeo and Juliet. "Aeka-hime, wherefore art thou Aeka-hime?" "Tenchi-sama, wherefore art thou Tenchi-sama?"

    Sasami's idea: Magical Girl Pretty Sami. A cute, 4th grade girl, given magical powers by Tsunami, Princess-candidate (o:jo-ko:ho) of the magical land known as Jurai, fights evil on Earth in the name of love and peace.

    Washuu's idea: Washuemon. (a Doraemon parody - Doraemon is a well known children's show (anime)) Nobita... err, Tenchi-kun, rather, is going to be late for school and asks Washuemon for help. Washuemon produces an "anywhere door" ("dokodemo-fusuma)" for him. "Thanks, Washuemon! Now I'll never be late again!"

    Kiyone's (and Mihoshi's) idea: Space Die Hard Speed Chase! An action film featuring Mihoshi and Kiyone as two cops...

    Since no one can agree as to what to do the film on, an argument ensues... Ryo-oh-ki films the argument, sends the film in as a movie/documentary entitled "Ultra Calamitous Earth Battle!" ("Chikyuu Daigekitou")... and wins! Ryo-chan gets a year's supply of carrots as her prize...

    So... what would Tenchi's idea have been? Tenchi's reply: A peaceful family drama, whose title would be: "Awabi-san". (probably a "Sazae-san" parody...)

    - CM break 2 - (4 commercials)

    - Eyecatch 3 (oldies) -

    - Rabu-Rabu Kakekomi Jinja -

    This is the "corner" where Ai and Yumi will listen to your concerns/problems, and give advice. But since this is the very first broadcast, they don't have any letters yet... so Ai asks Yumi about her present concerns. After a bit of thought, Yumi replies: "I don't have enough fans to do a gathering!" They both laugh a bit at that. Yumi then goes on to give belated thanks to the fans who sent her birthday cards and letters.

    Yumi: I did read all of them, even though I don't have the time to write you all back...

    [note: In case anyone was wondering, Takada Yumi's birthday is September 21, 1961 (Showa 36). Orikasa Ai's birthday is December 12, 1963 (Showa 38).]

    They then talk about not having time to reply to all the letters they get... but that they do look forward to getting more letters, so please write!

    "Rabu-Rabu Kakekomi Jinja", they mention at this point, is for problems/concerns/troubles not just of the heart... but any kind at all (love, school/studies, or anything else which may trouble you...). They then give the address for you to write to again:

     T 160-02
     Bunka-ho:so: [Bunka Broadcasting]
     Himitsu no Tenchi Muyo:!
     Rabu-Rabu Kakekomi Jinja

    - Hyper Media Information -

    Ai and Yumi talk about the Tenchi "mesaaju" things... I think these are little message beepers that are being given out (they gave a phone number to call), on which you'll get special Tenchi messages and stuff on, occasionally. Obviously, it's only a Tokyo-area thing, so...

    - CM break 3 - (2 commercials)

    - ED instrumental and comments -

    Yumi comments on how the half hour has gone by so quickly. They joke about making the program a full hour starting next week...

    Yumi then comments about the fact that she and Ai are two completely different kinds of people, with different personalities, different tastes in men... and yet, here they are, doing a radio program together. Maybe that's what'll make it interesting...

    Next week, they'll be reading letters on the air, so send 'em on in! They go through a summary of the different "corners" of the program. And then in case you missed the address earlier, they give it again:

     T 160-02
     Bunka-ho:so: [Bunka Broadcasting]
     Himitsu no Tenchi Muyo:!

    A few comments about Yumi's CD sales (to use up remaining time), and then they sign off...

    Ai & Yumi: See you next week! Good night...

    - list of sponsors - (Yumi reads the list of sponsors)

    (end of broadcast)

    [Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou]

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