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  • Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou - 1995.10.21

    Ai and Yumi read many letters from listeners, and talked.

    Yumi: Ai-chan, you're the type that gets hit on by guys.
    Ai: Yes.
    Yumi: Aren't you going to say anything against it!
    Ai: Well, I'm not the kind who can say something to a guy even if I like him.
    Yumi: I'm the opposite. When I find someone I like, I'll go aggressively to him.

    Yumi: You're single was 68th in the countdown TV!
    Ai: Yes, thank you very much.
    Yumi: It's a great thing to make it into the top 100. There are many major artists below you.

    [By the way Takada Yumi does a voice in the countdown TV show.]

    Ai: Also, Yumi-chan, you're going to release a photo CD.
    Yumi: Yes, I even took some sexy pictures.
    Ai: That CD commerical where you unzip your pants..
    Yumi: That's not on the photo CD, but there will be others.

    Ai: Also on 12/10 I will have a fan club gathering. There are over 1000 people in my fan club now. So if you're free please come.
    Yumi: I'll say it here. Ai-chan is much better live. The Ai-chan that you see in person is very pretty.

    Then they had the second episode of the Tenchi Muyou radio drama.

    Tenchi Muyou radio drama 2

    Sasami caught a cold. Aeka thought that Tenchi left without taking his lunch, so she thought it was a great chance for her to capture Tenchi's heart. But Aeka had never cooked anything before. Then Ryoko came and started to question Aeka about her being in the kitchen. Ryoko found out that Aeka was going to cook a bento for Tenchi, so they decided to have a contest.

    Aeka went to ask Sasami which pan she should use to cook eggs..

    Ryoko went to ask Sasami, "I wanna make a fried egg (medama yaki). Should I use a bird's eye (tori no medama) or a cow's eye (ushi no medama)." Sasami replied, "Ryoko-oneechan, you're supposed to cook a chicken's egg to make a fried egg." Ryoko said, "Oh, so a chicken's eye.."

    Sasami got worried and rushed to the kitchen. Aeka and Ryoko force fed their cooking.. and Sasami passed out.

    [Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou]

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