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  • Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou - 1995.10.28

    Yumi and Ai talked about getting prank phone calls.

    Tenchi Muyou radio drama 3

    Kiyone and Mihoshi were walking down the street hitchhiking at night because Mihoshi had forgotten her bag on the train. (Mihoshi's bag had both Kiyone and Mihoshi's purses.)

    A car came by, but it didn't stop for them. Then another car came by, and they tried a different tactic to try to stop the car.

    "Ahaan.. ufuun."

    But the car didn't stop.

    Then a car stopped and picked up the two girls. The driver thought that it was strange that two girls would be hitchhiking at night. Then he thought that they were ghosts and that they would haunt him.

    The driver stopped the car and tossed Kiyone and Mihoshi out of the car. He begged them not to haunt him or kill him. But Kiyone and Mihoshi said that they weren't ghosts, and convinced the driver to let them ride with him.

    While they were driving, Kiyone and Mihoshi explained the situation to the driver. Then Mihoshi noticed that the clock in the car had stopped, at 11:11.

    When they got close to home, the driver let Kiyone and Mihoshi off, saying that he had to go in a different direction. Kiyone and Mihoshi thanked the driver and got out. Then they heard some police sirens.

    The policeman gave Kiyone and Mihoshi a ride. The policeman said that he usually wouldn't have been in this area, but there was an accident where a young guy was speeding and went over a cliff. The car had crashed and the clock in the car had stopped at 11:11..

    Mihoshi and Kiyone realized that they had been in a ghost car.

    [end of radio drama]

    Ai and Yumi talked about their experience with gropers.

    [Himitsu no Tenchi Muyou]

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