Tonkatsu Wide - 1996.10.21

Title Tonkatsu Wide
Aired 1996.10.21
Songs Yume ha Hitori Mirumono Janai (Kouda Mariko)
Seiyuu Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ)

Tonight the Kazumi action special was "Which team is smarter, the Kouda Mariko team or the Saitou Kazumi team?" They were going to pick postcards, and then call the person to see if they can answer the questions. The first person to get the wrong answer will lose, and the losing team captain will have to give up one of their personal belongings.

The first question was "Name a department store in Shinjuku". Both Mariko's team and Kazumi's team kept answering correctly, so they called it a tie.

The second question was "Say a proverb". Kazumi's team couldn't answer, so Kazumi was going to give his gloves and socks.

The third question was "Name a female pro-wrestler". Kazumi's team lost again, so he gave his hair brush.

The fourth question was "Name a Tonkatsu Wide staff member". This time Mariko's team lost, so she gave a signed letter set that she had partially used.

Then they played Kouda Mariko's new single "Yume ha Hitori Mirumono Janai".
[Very nice song.. and they played the entire song, around 4:25.]

After the song, Mariko said that she still had some more presents to give. She had a set of "post it" stickers, with her name on it, and three telephone cards from "Watashi ga Tenshi Dattara Iinoni".

Kouda Mariko made some announcements.

There will be a Christmas Special Live Concert.

"Happy Happy Christmas"
12/21 (Saturday) 15:00 - day stage
12/21 (Saturday) 18:30 - night stage

It will be at the Kawaguchi Sogo Bunka Center, and the tickets will go on sale 11/17, 10 AM. (Hot Staff promotion 5839-9999.)

Also Mariko's photo and essay collection went on sale today (10/21). Her single will go on sale 10/23.

[Mariko was on the air for about 21 minutes in this corner, but she stayed in the studio with Kazumi for some other corners too.]

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