True Love Story - 1997.04.10

Ashita Yuuki wo Dashite (Katsuragi Ayane/Kikuchi Shiho)
Rururun Girl (Amano Midori/Ikezawa Haruna)
This was the first broadcast of the new radio series, based on the playstation "love simulation" game, True Love Story. The personalities are Kikuchi Shiho (Katsuragi Ayane) and Ikezawa Haruna (Amano Midori).

Shiho and Haruna are loud.. and laugh a lot.. Very high tension. It's a great radio show to keep you up at 2:30 AM. (^_^;) They also speak in Osaka-ben sometimes.

They played Ashita Yuuki wo Dashite by Katsuragi Ayane (Kikuchi Shiho). This is the OP song for the game. [Very nice song.]

Both Shiho and Haruna's character voices are very different from their real voices. The character voices are very nice.

They had a "keyword talk" corner, where they pulled out a lot of keywords, and made short comments on them. They went through a lot of words very quickly.

Haruna just got a color fax machine, that can also make color copies.

Then they played Rururun Girl by Amano Midori (Ikezawa Haruna).

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