True Love Story - 1997.04.17

Fujino Kaoru (ƣۤ)
The opening telephone message was by Hirose Nozomi (Fujino Kaoru).

Shiho's hair was growing longer, and she permed it. She said that she wanted to let it grow longer.

Shiho and Haruna kept talking. Kaoru was surprised at Shiho and Haruna's high tension. Kaoru was wearing brown, checkered pajamas.

Keyword talk corner

Shiho, Haruna, and Kaoru read the keywords and talked about them.

first love
Haruna: It's hard to tell which is the first love.. Let's go to the next one.
Haruna: I'm still a student.
Enka puts Kaoru to sleep. She likes classic, as she did ballet. Haruna had learned ballet too.
Kaoru likes hard, high, and small pillows. Shiho isn't too picky about pillows. She like the ones that make a sound. Haruna likes big pillows, so she can turn around in her sleep and the pillow would still be there. She has a single bed, but has a double pillow.
Haruna likes to give presents. Shiho mentioned that her birthday was in May.
Kaoru did dance and rhythmic gymnastics. Shiho did volleyball (in junior high) and tennis (in grade school). Haruna did horseback riding in high school. She likes to do sports where she doesn't have to do much moving. With horseback riding, the horse does all the running.
They all wanted to go to the sea.
part time work
Haruna had never done part time work before. Kaoru had worked at a book store. Shiho had worked at a convenience store.
Shiho said she didn't have many friends. Haruna had lots of friends, and made friends very quickly. Kaoru didn't have many friends, and had more male friends than females.
[end of keyword talk]

Kaoru was doing voices in a lot of fighting games recently. She said it was difficult, because the lines were very short, and she still had to make a lot of variations.

Kaoru was playing games recently..
Haruna: Is it that one with a F?
Kaoru: Yes, with two Fs.

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