True Love Story - 1997.05.01

Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
The opening telephone message was by Goto Ikumi (Toyoshima Machiko).

Toyoshima Machiko's pajamas were blue, yellow, and green. Haruna and Shiho were wearing new pajamas, a negligee, but it was like a long T-shirt. Shiho's was green with red and pink flowers. Haruna's was pink with brown flowers.

Machiko said that she wore pajamas at home.

Haruna doesn't like to peel the paper off of the nattou. It was very sticky. So a listener suggested that she try nattou furikake. It wasn't sticky, but it was very smelly.

Machiko said, "Nattou daisuki!"

A listener asked what one should do when one got nervous, and couldn't do something. Shiho said that there was a time when she got nervous waiting in line for a roller coaster, and gave up. Haruna said that she doesn't get nervous.
Machiko: I tell myself, it's all right if I mess up.

Keyword talk corner

Shiho, Haruna, and Machiko read the keywords and talked about them.

coming home from school
Haruna's school was always close to her home, so she didn't have any experiences of doing something on the way home. Shiho also went to school close to her home. She didn't have to ride the train, so she couldn't meet that cool guy on the train.. Machiko said that she rode the train, but nothing like that (meeting a cool guy) happened.
high school
Haruna ordered out for food, and had it delivered to her classroom.
Haruna wanted a sewing machine. Machiko wanted sandals and pierce (ear rings). Shiho wanted a boy friend.
Haruna was born in Greece.. so she counted in Greek. Shiho used to learn Spanish. Machiko was from Ibaragi. Shiho said that her homeland was Bali..
favorite song
Haruna said that it was different at different times.
[end of keyword talk]

Machiko: I like shopping. If you see me in Shinjuku, please say "Hi." But I don't have money. I only had 798 yen in the bank. I don't have time to play games now.

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