True Love Story - 1997.05.08

True Love Story Soyokaze no Orugooru part 1
The opening telephone message was by Ayane (Kikuchi Shiho). The True Love Story drama starts tonight.

Shiho and Haruna were wearing negligee.

They read letters for the "keyword talk" corner. Some of the hilights..

Shiho was practicing guitar.

Shiho said that it wasn't good to diet. One should exercise.

Q: How do you want to be proposed?
Shiho: A simple, "let's get married"
Haruna: If one goes through a very complicated setup, I might not understand.. So something easy to understand.

They are accepting messages via fax, in addition to normal postcards. The fax number is 03-5351-8448.

The drama was True Love Story Soyokaze no Orugooru part 1. The characters that appeared in the story were: Katsuragi Ayane (Kikuchi Shiho), Amano Midori (Ikezawa Haruna), Hayakawa Ichiro (Midorikawa Hikaru), Ohsuga (?), and Hirose Nozomi (Fujino Kaoru).

The OP and ED songs for this radio show will go on sale 5/21. The first pressing will come with a sticker.

Shiho and Haruna will be guests for Otakki Sasaki's talk event on 5/25. They are giving away 300 tickets for this event.

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