True Love Story - 1997.06.19

Title True Love Story
Aired 1997.06.19
Drama True Love Story Tsuyu Zora no Message part 2
Hosts Kikuchi Shiho (ӻ)
Ikezawa Haruna (߷պ)

The opening was a telephone message by Ayane.

Haruna and Shiho said that they got another pajamas from a listener. They read some letters.

Then they had the keyword corner.

biggest pinch in life
Hasn't happened yet.
pose when sleeping
Haruna said that she is usually in a "banzai" pose. Shiho said that she tried it, but she hit her hand on the window, which was above her bed.
eating cream soda
They both said that the first bite is the cream (ice cream), and then they drink the soda (with the straw).
Shiho has a Pingu mirror. Haruna has a green one, with lots of stickers stuck on it.
miso soup
Haruna likes onion and bacon in her miso soup. Shiho likes fried tofu (aburaage), sea weed (wakame), and tofu. (They both got very excited talking about the food..)

Haruna and Shiho will be doing a lot of events this summer.

On 8/13, there will be an event in Hiroshima, the ANA Media Mix Convention. It will be at the ANA hotel, tickets can will be sold that day. 082-241-1111 for more information.

On 8/19, there will be a True Love Story and Multi Tengoku event. Inoue Kikuko, Ikezawa Haruna, Toyoshima Machiko, Nishimura Chinami, Kikuchi Shiho, Tange Sakura, Fujino Kaoru, and the Multi Tengoku seiyuu will be at the event. Tickets go on sale 6/21.

The True Love Story drama CD goes on sale 6/21.

The drama was "Tsuyu Zora no Message" part 2 "Todokanu Omoi". The characters were: Hasegawa, Mizutani Yurika, Kasuga Chiharu, and Katsuragi Ayane.

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