True Love Story - 1997.06.26

Haru no Hidamari (Yokoyama Chisa)
True Love Story Tsuyu Zora no Message part 3
The opening was a telephone message by Ayane. Shiho and Haruna did the opening greeting in an old woman voice.

They read a lot of letters. There was a letter by a girl who like girls instead of boys. Haruna said she likes girls, because they feel softer, and she holds hands with girls when she goes out. Both Haruna and Shiho said that it was all right. Shiho said that she wouldn't like to kiss girls. Haruna said she likes hugging.

They read some letters for the keyword corner.

Doraemon item
Haruna wanted the door, and Shiho wanted the pocket.
ocean or pool?
Both said they perferred the ocean.
Shiho likes to wear jeans.
Shiho said that she played pachinko when she was little, but she doesn't go now.

The True Love Story drama CD volume 2 "Tsuyu Zora no Message" will go on sale 7/24. In addition to the drama, it will have a song by Kasuga Chiharu (Yokoyama Chisa) Haru no Hidamari. Then they played a little big of this song.

The drama was "Tsuyu Zora no Message" part 3 "Kanojo no Yuuki". The characters were: Hasegawa, Mizutani Yurika, Kasuga Chiharu, Amano Midori, Ohsuga Tohru, and Katsuragi Ayane.

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