True Love Story - 1997.07.03

True Love Story Tsuyu Zora no Message part 4
The opening was a telephone message by Ayane.

Since it was July (a new month), Shiho and Haruna wore different pajamas. Shiho's was pink with red and blue collar. There were bears on it. Haruna's was blue with pink and green collar. There were bears on it too, and it said "How are you" on it.

They read a lot of letters for the keyword corner.

Shiho said she was tardy a lot in school.
Shiho said that she falls asleep when she is full. Haruna said that it is actually better for you if you lie down after eating.
portable phone
Haruna said she won a PHS the other day.
shaved ice
Shiho likes calpis shaved ice.
Both likes tea.
Both haven't seen one recently.
cat or dog
Both likes cats more than dogs.
Shiho doesn't know anything about the Internet. But Haruna pointed out that they did an Internet radio the other day.. Shiho said that other people did the typing for her.

The drama was the final part of "Tsuyu Zora no Message". The characters in the drama were: Ohsugi, Midori, Kasuga Mizutani, Hasegawa, and Katsuragi Ayane.

Tange Sakura (who does the role of Minami Yayoi) will be a guest next week.

They ate cheesecake today, that Haruna made.

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