True Love Story - 1997.08.21

Fujino Kaoru
The OP phone call was by Nozomi.

The guest was Fujino Kaoru. This is her second time as a guest.

Next radio drama will have Nozomi as the main character. Kaoru said that it was hard.

They read some letters..

It has been one year since starting True Love Story. They did the game first, then the drama, and some songs. There will be another game at the end of this year, Remember My Heart, so they recorded the game voices again.

Haruna said that she went to a private school, so her summer vacation lasted until 9/6. So she would go to Disneyland on 9/1, and it wasn't crowded.

Kaoru said she has been doing a lot of game voices recently. Doukyuusei 2 has come out recently.

There is a new fax number for letters: 03-5433-7190.

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