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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.04.28

    Ishida Akira (石田彰)
    Sore ha Wonderland (Kouda Mariko)
    Knight of Midnight (Ishida Akira)
    horror drama
    "Sometimes a seiyuu, sometimes a manbou, sometimes an oneechan, in reality.. Good evening, I'm Inoue Kikuko."

    Kikuko: This is the third broadcast. Wai! It's been only two weeks since the first broadcast, but I've gotten so many postcards. Thank you very much. Im my heart, it is spring.. I think some of you will say that my heart is in this state all year round.

    Kikuko: Today I'm wearing short sleeves. There are times when the studio is very cold with the air conditioning, but there are also times when the studio is very hot. Today I'm wearing a short sleeve navy blue one-piece, and a navy blue jacket. There is another reason why I like short sleeves. When I wear short sleeves, I feel it is one step closer to summer. I want to go swimming.

    Then Kikuko read a letter about a scary movie. It was a movie called Bioalien. There were big ant-like creatures that ate people. Kikuko even did a voice in it and got eaten. But Kikuko said, "I'm sorry I don't remember."

    Then she played the song Sore ha Wonderland, the image song to Fushigina Kunino Miyuki-chan, by Kouda Mariko. [This is a good song.]

    This week they were going to have a horror drama, based on one of the postcards sent in by the listeners. There was also a guest. "Sometimes he's Mizuno Kouichi in Tonde Buurin, sometimes he's Tsuchiya Kei in Marmalade Boy, sometimes he's Aa-san. Ishida Akira." Kikuko was very happy that there was a guest.

    The drama was not a normal drama. There were going to be breakpoints along they way where they can choose different paths. Kikuko said, "It's like a game."

    Kikuko did the role of a high school girl. Akira did the role of a high school boy, and a ghost girl.

    During the drama there was a little girl's voice that said, "Stop." This mysterious voice was by Hanako.. and we will find out more about Hanako later.

    After the drama (which had a happy ending), Kikuko said, "You released a CD single recently?"
    Akira said, "Yes, Knight of Midnight."
    Kikuko said, "That's perfect for this show."
    Akira said, "Actually it's a very cheerful song. So maybe it's good after getting scared listening to this program."

    Then they played Knight of Midnight.

    Kikuko: 30 minutes is so short. Last week I said that you can make 10 cup ramen, or Ultraman can transform 10 times. I feel the same this week. I didn't improve at all.

    Kikuko: Hitsuji ga ippiki, hitsuji ga nihiki, hitsuji ga sanbiki, hitsuji ga yonhiki, hitsuji ga gohiki. Oyasuminasai.

    [Twilight Syndrome]

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