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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.05.05

    Wendenyan (^_^;;)
    Wendenyan no Uta (Inoue Kikuko)
    You Remind Me (Mary J Bridge)
    Today is May 5, Children's day. Congratulations children. I don't think many little kids are up at this time. [Then Kikuko started laughing.]

    Kikuko read some letters.

    Q: How can I get rid of this sleepiness?
    Kikuko: There are gum and candy for this. I heard that gum is better than the candy. Maybe more air gets to the brain when you chew. I don't know..

    Q: I hear you like kaiten sushi. When I went they had pudding, juice, and other things along with the sushi. Why is that? Also you have to look carefully at the squid.
    Kikuko: I think that too! There are squid that looks fresh, and the ones that look very tired after going around for a couple hours. So at the kaiten sushi, I think you have to look carefully at the squid. Yes, I like kaiten sushi. That's because it is fun. At the kaiten sushi place near my house, where I go with my mother from time to time, they have pudding and such. There is a lot of cream on it and there is also a cherry on top. It tastes very good. Yes, I know it is the cheap pudding, but I like it.

    Kikuko: My friend is with me today. He's always with me, but today he is in front of the mike. Good evening.
    friend [with Kikuko's voice]: Good evening.
    Kikuko: This friend is Wendenyan. Those who know will know, those who don't won't. I'll explain from the beginning. In the past, we had a Yorkshire Terrier puppy called Wende. Since he was so cute, like a cat, we called him Wendenyan. Then about a year ago, I found this little nuigurumi Wendenyan. Since then, he's always been with me.

    Then Kikuko played Wendenyan no Uta, by Inoue Kikuko.

    Kikuko read some letters about scary stories in people's schools.
    [going off on a tangent]
    Kikuko: Mirror are scary. We have this 3 faced-mirror at home. When I was little I used to put my face in it to see the many reflections of my face, thinking it was very scary.

    There will be a game called Twilight Syndrome for the Playstation coming out in the summer. One of the main characters will be Hanako, whos voice appears from time to time in this radio show.

    Then Kikuko played You Remind Me by Mary J Bridge (?).

    Kikuko: It was a very fast 30 minutes again. There is an announcement. This program will have a one page section in the manga magazine, Mystery Deluxe.

    Kikuko: Sometimes a seiyuu, sometimes an oneechan, sometimes a manbou, in reality I'm Inoue Kikuko. Oyasuminasai.

    [Twilight Syndrome]

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