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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.05.12

    Just Communication (Two Mix)
    Staring Statues (?)
    Kikuko: Sometimes an oneechan, sometimes a manbou, sometimes a seiyuu, but in reality.. honey flash! Good evening, I'm Inoue Kikuko. I really wanted to do this. Three days ago, I was called by Cutey Honey. I really like Honey. There is a new Honey, on video.
    I like Honey because she can transform. I want to transform too. I was thinking what I wanted to be if I can transform. When I wake up I want to Honey Flash! and transform into Doraemon. Then I take the "dokodemo door" out of Doraemon's pocket, and go to the studio. Then I Honey Flash! back to my own self. On the days off, I want to go to the ocean and Honey Flash! into a fish so I can swim in the ocean.

    Kikuko read some letters from listeners.
    [going off on a tangent]
    Kikuko: When I was little I always thought it would be great if it was 飴 (ame) instead of 雨 (ame). [飴=candy, 雨=rain] Then the umbrella would be shaped like a cup to catch the candy.
    Kikuko: It would be dangerous if you got blown away with your umbrella, so please step down hard onto the ground when you walk.

    [going off on another tangent]
    Kikuko: I know about the large bodies of mosquitos. When I was in grade school, we had the summer vacation research homework, but since I had played all summer, on August 31 I still hadn't done my homework and I cried to my father. We were thinking about what to do, when a mosquito was flying around. So we decided to do the homework about mosquitos. My father drew a large picture of a mosquito and I labeled the parts and such.

    Kikuko: Since I don't have any younger brothers or sisters, I've always wanted to be called oneechan (oneechan).

    Kikuko played Just Communication, by Two Mix which is the opening song to Gundam Wing.

    Then Kikuko read some scary letters from listeners.
    [going off on a tangent]
    Kikuko: We've had a couple letters about mirrors now. Mirrors are scary. Did you know that vampires don't have a reflection in mirrors? So if the person next to you doesn't appear in a mirror, that person is a vampire. Everyone please be careful.

    Then Kikuko played Staring Statues by ??.

    Kikuko: Do you know Osakana Penguin? Of course Osakana is me. Penguin is Iwao Junko. We are going to sing together. There are going to be many fun events.

    Kikuko: At the beginning of the show I did "Honey Flash!" and transformed. You should try transforming sometimes. Sometimes when I'm feeling down, I think, "I'm a fish.. I just want to swim around." and try to avoid reality.

    Kikuko: Honey Flash! Good night.

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