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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.05.26

    Iwao Junko (岩男潤子)
    Hajimemashite (Iwao Junko)
    Horror drama
    Kikuko: Tonight, I'm very happy. There's going to be a drama tonight. That means we have a guest. Here is the question. Who is the guest today? Please choose from one of the three before. Doraemon, Umemiya Tatsuyo, Iwao Junko. Do you know Iwao Junko? She's very cute girl and I think of her as a sister. Tonight's guest is Iwao Junko.

    Junko: Hamjimemashite, good evening.
    Kikuko: I think we'll have to explain why Junko and I so such good friends.
    Junko: Yes. I first met oneechan when I was doing Montana Jones. I was doing Melissa, and oneechan came as a guest.
    Kikuko: Right when we met, we felt something and thought that we were sisters. I wonder why. It might not be a previous life, but something.. Jun-chan is also doing the role of Key in Key the Metal Idol. Wasn't there something that went, "Kii, kii." Was it the shocker?
    Junko: No, oneechan. Oh, it's "Oi, Oi," at these times.
    Kikuko: Ok everyone, let's practice, "Oi, oi."

    Kikuko: She's still doing it [Key] now. How is it?
    Junko: Key is trying to become a singer. She wants to have as many fans as possible, and she came to Tokyo from the country. So it's a lot like me.
    Kikuko: It fits you perfectly.
    Junko: Please watch it.

    Kikuko: To find out more about Jun-chan, we will have the Junko-chan 30 second press conference. I will ask lots of questions in 30 seconds. I did it in my first broadcast.
    Junko: Did you answer around 3?
    Kikuko: I did more than that..
    Junko: 4?
    Kikuko: That's saying too much.

    Kikuko: Where were you born?
    Junko: Beppu city in Oita prefecture
    Kikuko: Your birthday?
    Junko: February 18
    Kikuko: Blood type?
    Junko: probably AB
    Kikuko: Your occupation?
    Junko: seiyuu and singer
    Kikuko: When are you the most happiest?
    Junko: When I'm eating cake with onnechan
    Kikuko: What was your seiyuu debut?
    Junko: Melissa in Montana Jones
    Kikuko: What is your most favorite food?
    Junko: chocolate and cake
    Kikuko: What is the title of the album that went on sale in April?
    Junko: Tadaima, no it's..
    [ran out of time]
    Kikuko: It's not Tadaima, but Okaerinasai.
    Junko: No.
    Kikuko: Eh?
    Junko: It's Hajimemashite.
    [then both Kikuko and Junko started laughing]
    Kikuko: Oh, I'm sorry.
    Junko: This is too funny.
    [in a tape message in Nowanchatte Say You, Kikuko mistakenly said that Tadaima was Junko's album. actually it is her own. also Okaerinasai is also her own CD single.]
    Kikuko: I'm really sorry. This is a very good album. I'll guarantee it. It's very good.
    Junko: Thank you.

    Then they played Iwao Junko's Hajimemashite, from Hajimemashite.

    Since this was the last week of the month, they had a horror drama.

    Kikuko: This is very scary. Junko is already scared.
    Junko: Yes, I get scared easily.
    Kikuko: Ganbattene.

    Then they started the drama. Kikuko did the role of the teacher, and Junko did the role of a student. The story ended in the middle, and will be continued next week. So Junko will come as a guest next week.

    Then they talked about Osakana Penguin.

    Kikuko: Junko and I will form a group called Osakana Penguin and will sing together. Everyone knows that I am a fish. When Junko gets nervous her arms become like a penguin. Sometimes when I'm with her at an after recording, I watch from behind. She really is like a penguin. Her left hand is holding the script, and her right arm is a penguin.
    Junko: Recently I'm trying to keep my arm against my body..
    Kikuko: It's funny.

    Kikuko: Thank you. I think 30 minutes goes by so fast.
    Junko: It was scary, but fun.
    Kikuko: I'm glad that the radio program was successful. I was worried that we would just laugh for 30 minutes. You also get stuck in your laughing state very easily.
    Junko: Yes.
    Kikuko: In the recording the other day, it was hard trying to hold in the laughter. I'm looking forward to seeing you again next week. Thank you for tonight.
    Junko: Thank you very much.

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