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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.06.09

    Welcome to My Street (Shinohara Emi)
    My Love is For Real (Laura Abdul)
    [I think there is something wrong with Kikuko's voice.. It sounds like she has a cold or something.]

    Kikuko: Good evening. There are hydrangea flowers in the yard of my house. Don't you think the hydrangea flowers are strange? Depending on the day, it changes color and such. I think it's strange and I like it very much. Of course there is a scientific explanation for it, but I just think it's wonderful.

    Kikuko: I was thinking.. There is a hydrangea flower inside people's hearts when they fall in love. When things aren't going well, if becomes blue, and when things are going well, it becomes pink. Do you have hydrangea flowers in your heart?

    Then Kikuko read some letters. [about scary thoughts]

    Kikuko: This morning I ate bread and eggs. For lunch I had oinari-san.
    [oinari-san = a type of sushi, with fried tofu wrapping]

    Kikuko: Today I have some words written on my palm. I'm very forgetful. So when I have something that I have to do, I usually write it on my palm. Right now, I have "kouji" on my palm. It's not a boy's name. Today I was at another studio. I was wondering how to come to Bunka Housou. Then one of my friends said that I should get off at Koujimachi station, and then take the taxi. So I decided to write it on my palm. I wrote "ko" at first. But with just "ko", it might be Kourakuen or some other station. So I wrote "kouji" in hiragana on my palm.

    Kikuko: It's very painful when you forget something. I forget things often. Recently my target (goal) is, "Don't forget things". In just three days.. no everyday, I forget something. In the studio or in the taxi are the most common. Sometimes I forget my script. It makes me want to cry.

    Kikuko: There are people who write "This week's 'Oi Oi'" in their letters. I always read these and laugh.

    Then she played Welcome to My Street, by Shinohara Emi.

    Then Kikuko read some scary stories.

    Then she played My Love is For Real by Laura Abdul.

    Kikuko: Next week is going to be a special present corner. I don't know about it yet either. The staff says it is something that has never been done before.

    Kikuko: Please listen next week. Oyasuminasai.

    [Twilight Syndrome]

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