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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.06.16

    Ganbatte Makenaide (Inoue Kikuko)
    [Kikuko's voice is different.. maybe she has a cold.]

    Kikuko: This week's oi oi. There were a lot of letters pointing out my mistake from last week. They were all the same. Verdy Kawasaki is a soccer team.
    [Last week, Kikuko said Verdy when talking about rugby.]

    Kikuko: Do you know what today is? Yes, that's right. Today is the day of the special present. I still don't know what it is, but I hear it is something that has never been done before on radio shows.

    Then Kikuko read a lot of letters. [onee-chan ni kike]

    Kikuko: When I was just starting out as a seiyuu, I used to be very unsure of myself and I had trouble with long lines. I would always make a mistake in the middle. Then I took some advice from friends and did some image training, to make myself think that I was good at long times. That worked, and from that day on I was able to say the long lines.

    A guy from Human (Mr. Shiraishi) came and talked a little bit about the Playstation game Twilight Syndrome. It will have three normal high school girls, and they will take part in various scary stories.

    The opening message from this radio show will also be in the game.

    Kikuko: Will Hanako-san be in the game too?
    Shiraishi: It won't be her as Hanako, but she will be a much scarier person that the three girls try to call out.

    Then Kikuko played Ganbatte Makenaide from her album Tadaima.

    Kikuko read some postcards about scary stories.

    Present corner

    Kikuko: Eh!? I have to take out everything in my bag? Then we choose three things to give out as a present!? This is the great present? I don't have anything great in my bag..

    Kikuko was very surprised as she found out how they were going to determine the presents.. She took out the following from her bag.

    • a notebook, she's writing songs for her new album
    • a folding umbrella
    • a script, from Tobe Isami, that she had used earlier that day
    • a pink system notebook
    • Wendenyan; "He's important, please don't take it."
    • candy; "Because my throat is sore."
    • another candy, ichigo milk; "I found it today, so I bought it."
    • a pink wallet
    • a cassette tape, songs for her new album
    • a blue pouch
    • a manbou handkerchief
    • a blue lace handkerchief
    • a pink handkerchief

    Kikuko: I have to give three from this? How about the candies? I can't give away things that I got as a present.. So the handkerchief, the blue one. This one I bought myself. Also the blue pouch.
    Kikuko: Those three, plus 10 signed scripts of this program. But that's 13.. That's an unlucky number. I'll add a signature to the handkerchief and the pouch.

    To try for the presents, you have to send a postcard to the following address by Friday 6/23.

    Bunka Housou
    Inoue Kikuko no Twilight Syndrome "special present kakari"

    Kikuko: The guest next week is Hisakawa Aya? Really? Wow, I'm so happy!

    [Twilight Syndrome]

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