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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.07.07

    Heart wo Migakukkyanai (Tokio)
    Okashina Paradise (Osakana Penguin)
    Kikuko: There were a lot of letters this week. They said that I appeared in the 4 koma manga (4 frame manga) in Aa Megami-sama volume 12. They asked if it was true that I have this tendency.. When the character was in front of a restaurant she touched the food that was on display. Yes, I like to touch the food. Don't you want to touch it too? I think everyone feels this way.

    Then Kikuko read some letters.

    Kikuko: Actually I wanted to be a teacher. I studied so I can be a Japanese language teacher in junior high. But when I went and did a real training, I decided that I couldn't do it.

    Kikuko played Heart wo Migakukkyanai by Tokio, the OP song to Tobe Isami. It was the full version!

    Kikuko: I'm also in Tobe Isami. I do the role of Isami's mother, Hanaoka Reiko, and Mayuko, one of Isami's classmates. Mayuko is very mean, and this role is fun to do. Please watch it.

    Kikuko read a lot of scary letters.

    Osakana Penguin's single went on sale 7/5, and a mini-album will go on sale 7/21. Then Kikuko played Okashina Paradise by Osakana Penguin from the mini-album.

    Kikuko: During today's broadcast there wasn't any "oi oi". I was perfect today? Maybe I improved a lot.. See you next week. Good night.

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