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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.07.21

    Slow na Koi no Monogatari (Osakana Penguin)
    The BGM was the Osakana Penguin theme.

    Kikuko: What day is it today?
    1. The first person stepped on the moon.
    2. Hemmingway's birthday.
    3. The first train pass was issued.
    Yes, all of them are correct!

    Kikuko: But there is one other correct answer. The hint is "o". Oh, mouretsu! Oh, no! It starts with "osa". You know right? The music is in playing in the background. Today is the day that the Osakana Penguin CD went on sale.

    Then Kikuko and Mega Killa read some letters about scary movies.

    Then Kikuko played Slow na Koi no Monogatari, from the Osakana Penguin CD.

    Then Kikuko read some scary letters.

    [Twilight Syndrome]

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