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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.09.01

    Iwao Junko (岩男潤子)
    Osakana Penguin no Theme [Penguin Mix] (Osakana Penguin)
    Kikuko had received many letters with advice on how to teach everyone how to do the oi oi hand gesture. So she read one of them.

    Iwao Junko suddenly appeared as a guest. Kikuko was very happy. They read some more letters together.

    Then because Junko was there, they played Osakana Penguin no Theme [Penguin Mix] by Osakana Penguin.

    After the CM, Junko read the midnight virtual theater message in a very scary voice. Then they read the scary letters together.

    Junko said that she was very scared of tunnels, because there are lots of scary stories about ghosts appearing in tunnels.

    Kikuko: Have you ever seen a ghost?
    Junko: Not one in a tunnel, but a regular one.
    Kikuko: Really?
    Junko: I'm not one with the spiritual powers and such, but I saw one. It's very scary just talking about it, so I won't. I want to forget about it.
    Junko: Recently I did a horror story. I did the girl who died in a car accident. The day before the after recording everyone went to the exorcism. But I said I was ok and didn't go. I hadn't read the script yet. Then at home a piece of a mirror that wasn't broken at all came down at me. I was brushing my hair at that time, and that piece fell on my knee. A lot of blood came out.
    Kikuko: Eh!? Uso!
    Junko: Now there is a scar. I was very surprised and the blood didn't stop at all. It wasn't such that I had to get stitches, but it was pretty deep. Later on I read the script, and I found out that it was about a girl who loses her leg.
    Kikuko: Eh!? That's too scary!
    Junko: So for these things, I think you can't think that I'll be ok.
    Kikuko: I went to those exorcisms before, and nothing has ever happened to me.
    Junko: When I was 20 I saw a ghost. I kept telling myself that it was a dream. But recently, because of this incident, I think you shouldn't make fun of these things.
    Kikuko: Those exorcisms feel pretty good. You should go to them.
    Junko: Ok, I'll go next time.

    Then they read some more scary stories.

    After the CM, Kikuko said that the Osakana Penguin TV will go on sale 9/6. Kikuko and Junko said that it was a lot of fun to do. They said that the video contains some "making of" scenes that are very funny.

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