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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.09.08

    Lucky Day (Shiina Hekiru)
    Kikuko thanked everyone for all of the letters about the OsaPen stage. She also thanked the people who went to the concerts.

    Kikuko: Until now I used to think that summer was for swimming in the ocean. But this summer I became a fish on the stage. It was fun.

    Kikuko read some letters about horror stories.

    Kikuko did voices in Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5.

    After reading the letters, they played Lucky Day by Shiina Hekiru.

    Then Kikuko read some scary school story letters.

    Kikuko said that she remembers her mother telling her about the first time there was a parent observation day in her school.

    Kikuko: Everyone was drawing pictures. But I just took my paint set out and didn't start. My mother came to my desk, and got the water and helped me. Then the teacher told my mother to let the kids do things themselves.

    Then Kikuko read some more scary letters.

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