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  • 井上喜久子のトワイライトシンドローム - 1995.09.15

    Choki no Kamisama (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko said that she had a special announcement, and the fanfare was Tsukamaranaiyo. Kikuko sang, "Hato ga mau.." (^_^)

    There was going to be a special CD made for this radio program. The title might be something like Inoue Kikuko no Manbou Housoukyoku [Inoue Kikuko's Manbou Broadcast Office]. They still don't have the details of it yet, but it will go on sale in November or so, and it will be just like a radio show.

    Kikuko said that she would like to try to do as many voices as possible. She would like to do the voices of animals and objects.

    There is one corner that has been decided for this CD. They are asking for letters for the oneechan ni kike [ask oneechan] corner. (It's just the same as the one in this radio show.)

    Then she played Choki no Kamisama.

    midnight virtual theater
    twilight syndrome dark side of the school
    clock tower special

    There will be a horror game for the super famicom by Human called Clock Tower. They had the game there, and they played it while they described the game. There are four girls who go to a large house with a clock tower.

    It seems like an adventure game where you move one of the girls around the house. You can move objects, run away, fight, etc.

    It went on sale 9/14.

    [end of clock tower special]

    Kikuko: It was a very hot summer. This summer I fired as Osakana Penguin. The recent autumn wind feels very good. Also autumn means the new TV programs. The ones I'll be in are Kaitou Saint Tail as Sera, Oni as Kishouten, El Hazard as princess Lune. We three girls are singing the ED song for that one. Also I'll continue doing Tobe Isami, Shimajiro, and Rayearth.

    [Twilight Syndrome]

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